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“Meridian" is the flagship business management fest of Monti International Institute of Management Studies. We have been successfully organizing this event since inception. The pursuit of experiential learning is a prerequisite in management learning and this has provided impressive simulations for the student body to absorb. Management meets have generated phenomenal transformations in the mindset of youngsters. Meridian 2K19 is a strategic platform for binding new thoughts and perceptions among youngsters. Accountability for management learning in youngsters entirely depends on their professional acumen. This cannot be undertaken without integrating the learning with industry practice.

Corporates have shown the urge and passion for contributing immensely for the success of Meridian. Organisations that sponsor also confirm their leverage of supplementing through financial assistance and other value additions. This event has helped to create a friendly atmosphere among all the organizations and also serve as a platform to attract fresh and energetic talent post completion of their professional degree.


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